Die and Tooling

Like’s capability to build tooling and die adds to the value that we can provide our customers. Using the CAD design tools and manufacturing methods allow us to complete projects with shorter lead times to meet customer demands. Our tooling and die department with broad experience in stamping part to provide the highest level of finished part quality and tool operating efficiency. Mass production also facilitates the substantially low material and labor cost.

We design and make dies and tools for many metal production processes. Whether it is simple or a custom part that is ultra-complex. Quality assurance is essential in numerous fabrication methods and tooling types. We can build a die such as:

  • Drawing die
  • Four slide/multi slide die
  • Progressive die
  • Two, three piece dies


Cooperation with like’s team in early design/development stages. That will given our many years of metal forming knowledge and experience to your collaboration and helps provide the solutions based on your applications needs. The benefit such as

  • Quick turnaround from concept to completion
  • Saving tooling cost
  • Protective measures for guarantee long tooling life
  • Reducing material requirement and improve manufacturability
  • Prototyping and feature customization

Dies and Package Material

Tooling and Die Workshop

Custom Die and Tools

Custom Die and Tools

Custom Die and Tools

Custom Die and Tools