Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping in Blood. Like's Focusing on the precision and efficient production of simple or complex metal stamping parts, which is our core competitiveness. According to your design, budget and schedule, we help you to make the metal parts you need and provide unparalleled metal service.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

For the past 20 years, Like Machinery has been innovating sheet metal stamping and metal fabrication techniques to improve the quality of every finished product we produce. We work closely with each customer to determine the best way to manufacture your finished parts. We continue to develop advanced manufacturing solutions to meet your needs and increase the value of our services.

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Die and Tooling

Whether you have mold requirements for deep drawing, complex progressive stamping, or simple composite stamping parts, Like Machinery will ensure that the mold meets your product's mold specifications. With a dedicated mold design workshop, our team is able to quickly respond to our metal stamping and deep drawing customers' precise engineering requirements

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CNC Machining

Like's always provide the most reliable CNC machining service. Whether you need complete molding or mass production CNC machining, we can meet your needs. We operate lathes, milling machines, punch presses and other equipment, with more than 20 years of experience in the CNC team, can meet the metal processing needs of any industry, including agricultural equipment, automotive, construction, etc.

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Assembly & Welding

Our metal stamping assembly services provide a variety of required secondary processing, providing you with finished metal parts or assemblies ready to use during the manufacturing process. Like Performs a wide range of finishing operations, including heat treatment, cleaning, deburring, riveting, hardware inserts, counterbore, tapping and other machining operations.

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Who We Are


Since 2000, Like Machinery is an industry-leading precision fabrication company specializing in high-quality Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Processing,Tool and Die Capabilities. We operate 35 punch presses, ranging in size from 15 to 630 tons, which produce simple and complex shapes from dies produced in our own tool and die department.

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Our Service

Multiple Large Presses
Large Deep Draw Stamping Presses
Large Progressive Die Stamping
Engineering Tool and Die Support
Laser Cutting
Secondary Services
Metal Assemblies
Warehouse Solutions


Stamping Workshop

Bending Workshop

Laser Cutting

CNC Workshop


Like Machinery is an industry-leading precision fabrication company specializing in high-quality Metal Stamping, Deep Draw Stamping, Sheet Metal Processing, Tool and Die Capabilities and Value-added Assembly.


At LIKE Machinery, we have over 40 years of expertise in metal stamping, and we specialize in running dies produced in our independent Tooling and dies department.

Metal Stamping Capabilities

LIKE Machinery is an innovative and progressive metal products production company, specializing in high-quality Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Processing, Tool and Die Capabilities.

Quality Control ISO 9001 Certified

We constantly strive to innovate and achieve outstanding results in all production processes by utilizing the best quality standards, continuous workforce training and well-maintained production equipment.

Good Price and High Response

We can guarantee the quality of the situation, give customers a very good price. Our sample order has high response, can be completed within 3 days in general.


20 Years of Excellence in OEM Stamping Industry

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Yes, we are a 20-year ISO9001:2015 manufacturer in China. At present, our factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters and around 60 employees. We have an independent R & D center, and can provide a one-stop procurement for our clients. North America, Europe, Southeast Asia are our niche markets. Until now we have exported to over 40 countries.



LIKE Manufacturing

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